Our Story

Hello, my name is Sharon, and I am the matriarch and founder at the First Church of Humanity (FCH). I founded FCH because, like many other empaths, intuitives and spiritualists, serving others recharges and delights me. It’s my calling and it’s what I do best. After years of trying to create a “career” out of my passion for service, I made the decision to take a chance on creating a whole new paradigm of service.

The inspiration for this organization comes from my life, which has been storied and often painful. I have hated and I have loved. I have hurt others and others have hurt me. I have served others and others have served me. I have done the research and found that my heart is lightest, my smile is brightest and my fears are farthest from me when I am serving my other-selves. There is a flow to everything I do that just carries me through my day when I am focused on serving.

And so I created a church whose focal point is service, rather than doctrine. FCH recognizes the energy of divinity in all sacred religious texts, belief systems, and spiritual practices. Almost all of the world’s religions contain a common golden thread of service to others, including feeding the hungry, giving water to the thirsty, clothing the naked, giving shelter to the homeless, healing the sick, and loving and edifying one another. This common golden thread is our creed.

At FCH, what name you call the Divine and which sacred text you call your own is only between you and your chosen manifestation of G-d. Our focus is not on uniformity of doctrine or deity, but on union in love and service. G-d/dess is omnipresent, and thus, present in all things. As such membership with FCH is not decided by one’s belief systems, association with any religious sect, or profession of allegiance to any faith or deity. The only requirement for membership is a desire to be supported in pursuing that spiritual path which is most wholly sacred to you.

FCH exists to bring the transformative power of unconditional love into the world of collective spiritual practice. It is our sincere intent that all who enter here will see, hear and know the power of this love. For this we gladly take responsibility.

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For the most part, everything we do at the First Church of Humanity runs on service. Without it, we would not be able to function. The beautiful souls on this page have committed their time, energy and consciousness to serving the human collective, as a gift of love. Their service is a powerful contribution to the rising Age of Aquarius, and the life’s blood of our work. Blessed be.


Sharon Frochen

Matriarch & Founder

Sharon Frochen is what most people would call a contradiction in terms. On the one hand, a respected multi-faith minister, mystic and professional astrologist. A loving partner, daughter, aunt, sister, colleague and friend who lives to make people laugh. On the other hand, she is a revolutionary who has spent the last two decades of her life voraciously studying ancient cultures, quantum physics, religions, technology, ancient societies, the occult and all things esoteric. A powerful kinesthetic intuitive, oracle and reader who lives to challenge the “comfort zone.” She is both the cloth and the sword, and a powerful Adept who has learned how to transmute the lower metal of her personal trauma into the higher metal of spiritual service.

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Sarah Whalen

Non-dual Shaman

Sarah is a powerful Non-dual Shaman of ancient Celtic descent whose intuitive capabilities know no bounds. Raised in a well-to-do midwestern family, she remembers shutting her gifts off to fit in as a teenager. As life often does, following a prolonged struggle with her health, she has been reunited with her light and the shamanic path. As a way-shower for the living, and a messenger for the dead, she can journey (for herself and others) any direction across time & space, through untold dimensions, to see, with perfect clarity and accuracy events as they unfold, revealing wounds in need of healing and alleviating current life suffering. Sarah is the Hierophant, able to interpret sacred mysteries and esoteric principles and translate them into language that can be understood by all.

Ashley Ingram

Women’s Ministry

Ashley is a powerful activator, paradigm shifter, revolutionary, and piercing spiritual teacher who chose this life to embody what it means to “be” present for this human experience. She is here to heal, unshackle & activate the divine feminine in all souls who choose to answer the call, providing a quantum “womb” space in which shame, judgement and disconnect are transmuted, transformed, and catalyzed. She is here to mirror your innate “I AM”, to bring you back to the space of your most infinite potential, Source in its most potent embodiment. Having done this work herself, she now lights the way for others to find their own sovereign path.

Alysa Baratha


Alysa is a professional mystic, who teaches and works with spiritual seekers from all over the world. Her dynamic personality and passion for the mystic arts is infectious. She loves to bring her wealth of metaphysical knowledge and depth of experience to her students and congregants by providing intuitive spiritual services and education. Alysa brings to the team her ever-increasing knowledge of astrology and over 2 decades of practice reading tarot which includes her unique experience as the Artist and co-creator of The Sirian Starseed Tarot which enjoys a global distribution.

Dave Gieselman

“Brother Dave”

If there is a running theme in Dave’s life, it would have to be that there are no mistakes, no wrong choices, and no “shouldn’t haves.” As a homeless alcoholic and addict, he has slept on the streets and behind dumpsters. As a highly skilled chef, he has cooked for celebrities and heads of state in some of the best hotels and restaurants in Los Angeles. As a husband, a father, an entrepreneur, adventurer, and combat & endurance sport athlete, he has had to learn how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, how to stay cool under pressure, how to make the hard decisions today, so that he can have the life he wants tomorrow, and how to call others into the best versions of themselves. Today, Dave uses tools from ancient wisdom traditions – validated and refined by modern neuroscience – to help people take their next steps toward the extraordinary.

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About Our Team

Each member of this leadership team brings to the table an amazingly unique set of skills and gifts. They come from different backgrounds and different walks of life. They have different conceptions of G-d and come from different spiritual heritages. What they share in common is a desire to be of service and to be a blessing to others. Our leadership team is the example for our congregation that mental constructs do not need to stand in the way of spiritual service and progress.